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By Glamdring
I have an account with Easyspace, had it for years. With them I have an email only domain which I use solely for, er, email. I nipped into Control Panel for the first time in ages this afternoon, on a whim, and found my 10MB limit had been exceeded by another 10MB.
The thing is, the domain is meant as a redirect only. I don't use their webmail service and I don't send from that domain.
Every time I try and mess with it to see what's happening Firefox crashes.
I could buy more space but that's expensive and I'm not sure why it's taking any space at all since the mail is not, as far as I'm concerned, stored with them.

What's going on, please?
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By Wooster
Can you log into the account using Horde, Squirrel or RoundCube (the three usual suspects)?

It might be system messages, or spam that's lying in the trash.
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