Tech help for the PC
By Andrew

I want to format my external usb 3.0 2tb harddrive to use on my windows 7 desktop pc, what filesystem should I format it to?

I formatted it a few weeks ago so I could backup my PS4 saves etc.. to it so I could move to a new and bigger PS4 internal harddrive. I think it is formatted to ExFat or something.

Thank you for any help you can give.
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By Wooster
For use with a PC, use NTFS.
That way you don't end up stuck with the 4GB file size limitation of FAT32.

-edit- exFAT has no limitation either and can be used on both Windows machines and MAC's, so might be the best option.
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By richietog
PS4 uses the OrbisOs which is a Linux distro, so it's likely it's native to any of the Linux flavours out there
By Andrew
Ok thank you for your advice. I will have a think whether to leave the drive as it is or format it back to ntfs. Obviously will do a full format if I format it back to NTFS.

Cheers :)

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