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By Andrew

At the computer clinic where I volunteer we recommend people use the free version of Malwarebytes on their windows computers, unfortunately one person has bought a year's subscription to Malwarebytes even though they did not require it. They have Malwarebytes Premium version 3 (don't know the exact version number until I look at the computer again on Friday). When you do a scan it literally takes 6 seconds to do a scan which is obviously not correct, I have had a google but can't seem to find the right answer. I have looked through the options of malwarebytes but can't see an option to make it do a longer scan, even if you do a custom scan and select all the hard drive partitions C, D, and for some reason he has E it only does a 6 second scan.

I have uninstalled malwarebytes but it left a folder with files on the computer. After a restart I tried to delete the malwarebytes folder and it said I did not have administrative rights even though we were in the administrative account on Windows 10.

I then installed malwarebytes again and the problem still happens where it takes 6 seconds to do the scan and finds no malware. It should find malware as the person's computer normally has malware on it.

Thank you if you can help.
By Andrew
We installed Malwarebytes for them and we set it so it was the free version, but unbeknown to us they decided to upgrade to the paid version even though we said you can make do with the free version. The person who owns this computer quite often comes in with lots of malware installed on their computers and gets us to remove it and they also mess up the settings every now and then and we have to put it right! :)
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By Wooster
Same thing happened to AVG Free.
It was pretty good for a short time around 15 years ago, then got humped.
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By richietog
Just ask them to make sure they haven't set the subscription to auto-renewal, otherwise they might get buggered. If they have, they should be able to go to their account if they have one, and change it to manual. Don't need it really.
By Andrew
Thank you for all your help so far in this topic and my other topic.

Is there a way to completely remove malwarebytes and it's folder? and then I would install it a fresh to see if that would sort the problem.

I have thought of changing it from premium to free in the settings to see if that resolves the problem.
By Andrew

I saw the person on Friday and they said they had an update to malwarebytes and it sorted the problem with it only doing a six second scan and it is now scanning normally.

As usual thank you for your help Wooster and richietog. :)
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By Glamdring
Related to this, if I wanted to create a USB drive I could take round to a mate and fix his slow laptop, what programs should I include on it?
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By Wooster
I'd run CCleaner on it first to save scanning a pile of junk you don't need to (could save you an hour or more).
Chuck MBAM at it and let it do what it needs to. (It'll probably reboot)
Run the CCleaner Registry clean up tool multiple times until it finds no more problems.
Run Windows Update and his AV package (update also)
If he doesn't have an AV package, stick Microsoft Security Essentials on it (Vista & 7's built into 8+)

If you suspect it's infected, then it might be an idea to make a bootable AV scanner (you can put CCleaner, MBAM etc. on it in a separate folder).
There are some listed here: ... ls-2625785
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By richietog
Thanks for the appreciation Andrew

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