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By Glamdring
A weirdness:
Currently trying to watch a film on Prime. Over just watched an episode of Lucifer, also on Prime. This is on my iPad. It keeps buffering, for a long time, slow internet it says.
When I check on my Galaxy S7 at the same time it reports 11ms ping and 36Mbps download. What's happening?
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By Wooster
Apple do networking different to everyone else*, we could be here all week.

If it's connected via WiFi (not 4G/LTE) on either 5GHz, or 2.4GHz (using US regulatory domain settings) then I'm afraid I don't know what the problem is off the top of my head. :/

*you know what they're like, they love reinventing the hexagon.
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By richietog
Have you tried to refresh DNS by turning on Airplane mode and turning off after 10 seconds?
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By loughor
I mentioned that I recently bought the Dark Sky app. I just put it on my iPad (it cost nothing as I bought for iPhone) and the world precipitation and temperature globe is fun. There's some heavy rain storms around. Still baking in southern Europe. Australia is warmer than here and it is their winter. The future isn't going to be great at this rate.
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By loughor
I just installed iOS 11 beta 4 on my iPad. There are visual changes indeed. I'm not one for change, being old, grumpy and farty, but I think I'll get used to and like this. As long as I can do my Calendar and read the e-Magazines, I can take other bugs (he says too soon).
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