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By richietog
iOS 11.2 out now, any chance of iOS 12 before Christmas?
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By Wooster
Trump's shambolic administration is disrupting the markets so badly that they probably feel it's worth cutting their losses.
Apple's market price is back to where it was last September, and if he gets into a trade war with China, they can kiss goodbye to some of the raw materials they need to produce smartphones at the high mark ups they were used to.
(Rare Earth metal production in China is 10x larger than the next largest producer (Australia))

The second kick in the stones is the backlash seen against Facebook user data leaks.
Apple don't just sell hardware, they collect massive amounts of personal data as well, and the US courts are far stronger on the misuse of user data than most other countries.
iirc, they can impose fines of up to $40,000 per client if it's proven that they've breached or misused their personal data.

For many companies (Google, Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Microsoft, LinkedIn etc. and so on), that could make a bigger dent on profits than the PPI scandal the banks had to stump up for so far.
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By Glamdring
I get the impression that it's the $1000 cost that's the crux of it. It's never sold well and Samsung, who provide the OLED screen have halved production for Apple. There was the initial surge of buyers of the fanbois but then not that much.
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By loughor
Apple do not collect or use/misuse personal data on the scale of Google and the "social" platforms. I cba to trawl this but here you go on the latest policy

The price is indeed high for the X and rumours are that there will be lower priced X-style smartphones announced next Tuesday. We'll see. Rumours are nothing until facts materialise.
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By Wooster
They kicked the arse out of the pricing, which was over put it politely, but geopolitics and (Trumpist) market forces are fucking them hard.
It's a luxury that most can't afford or justify.

I bought a £150 Motorola G5 last year and it's done exactly what's required of it, with the bonus of a dual SIM.
I'm on the EE network for my main work number, but fired in a cheap GiffGaff SIM to give me extra coverage on the O2 network.
(Not many dual SIM phones available here, most are the Chinese offerings)

If I was going to spend on tech, it'd be a new PC, or a new laptop for work (Lenovo Yoga 910), both in the £1000 - £1500 range.
I have a problem with those though.
If Windows10 is a hard and fast prerequisite on either, then I'm looking at an additional £5000 to buy compatible upgrades for some of the software I use.
(It's not just the likes of Apple who've been kicking the arse out of it.)
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By Wooster
loughor wrote:
Sat Mar 24, 2018 10:02 pm
Apple do not collect or use/misuse personal data on the scale of Google and the "social" platforms.
How do they know that you are you then? :)

Facebook and Twitter etc. are a bit different though.
Personal identification is one thing (i.e. security), but opinions are another, so I can see your point.

Do Apple treat your emails, texts and pictures in the same way that Google do?
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By loughor
I'm not sure exactly what Google does. In my mind they "read" everything but that's my bias against them. I don't have much regard for Microsoft either since the introduction of Windows 10.

Here is Apple's stated policy in plain English:

Whether you believe it or not is up to you and I'm not getting into any further debate on who is doing what (or is that whom?). It is up to the individual to decide where they place their trust and assess what they risk giving away to use the service(s). I don't use any so-called social media but other people enjoy it and that is up to to them: same with Google stuff.
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By richietog
Believe me, I think they are all the same or just working together to be honest. It wouldn't surprise me if I was right on this
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By Glamdring
Picked up my iPad after a few days of none use to find my fingerprint won't work and my PIN isn't recognised.
I'm nearly at my ten tries then bricked.
I've done nothing wrong. The 11.3 update seemed to work fine afterwards.
I've rebooted it but nothing.
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