Tech help for hand-held devices
By Andrew

A friend has a old Sony Ericsson W380i and he has two problems with it:

1. When he tries to use the camera app the message comes up saying that there is another app running and the camera can't be used. When he turns the phone on and goes straight to the camera app it says this message.

What we have tried: tried removing the memory card and battery for 15 minutes.
Tried error checking the memory card on the PC and it has fixed any errors it has found.
There is only 9.99mb free on the internal memory. The phone is 8 years old and works ok otherwise.
There are no photos on memory card just on internal memory.
I have thought if we can backup his contacts and photos we could try a factory reset to see if it fixes it. The camera used to work fine.

2. We want to access the internal storage to backup the pictures he has taken but are finding it difficult to do. When we plug the mobile into a Windows 7 desktop computer it is unable to install the driver to access the internal storage, if we access the empty 512gb sony memory card it installs the driver ok.

When you plug into a windows 7 computer with a usb cable on the mobile screen you have the options of phone mode (to access internal memory) and file transfer mode (to access the 512gb memory card). The drivers are installed correctly on file transfer mode but not phone mode, it tries to install them and after a while of trying it fails.

I have tried to copy the photos from the internal memory to memory card on the mobile screen but you have to copy one at a time and he has 205 photos.

Thank you if you can help.
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By richietog
That's a bot weird you can only copy one photo at a time to memory card. If that's the only option you could do to the photos, then unfortunately that's all you can do to back them up. Also, backing up the music is going to be a nasty job if he has some on his phone

I'm sure you meant 512Mb of memory stick because it only supports up to 4Gb ... 80i-review

It maybe that a hard reset is needed
Turn on the phone.
Now tap: Menu -> Settings -> General -> Master reset.
Then you have 2 options to choice: * Reset settings, resets all changes that you have made on your phone to default. ...
Choose your favourite option, and confirm that.
By Andrew
OK thank you Glamdring, the client still has not come back in but when he does I will let you know the result.

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