Tech help for hand-held devices
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By Wooster
I was sort of hoping his WiFi password issues on something else recently might have been at the root of it (no connectivity to verify)
So it could be as simple as reverting the WiFi password to the way it was (TKIP or AES)
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By Glamdring
Still haven't fixed my iPad. I left it for a week to see if it matured and stopped being childish, but no.
So: I downloaded and installed iCloud. I changed my password.
I followed the instructions to get to the restore option in iTunes but all I have as a flickering white box that says iTunes in one corder and a flickering 'Password' in the middle. It sees the iPad and knows it's Device name and what I have on it (little).
I hate Apple.
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By Glamdring
I think I've fixed it. Not sure how, but it's taken well over two hours of messing and restarting and convoluted pressings of buttons, updating, restoring, entering new passwords - same as the old ones - fingerprint again. I could have built a whole PC from scratch in that time, really.
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By loughor
Today I got a new iPad Pro 10.5". It replaced my Air 2 which I'd had for four years. It was still great but I'm a sucker for shiny. It my be imagination but reading e-magazines is a better experience. My ex bought the 'old' one for a fair price and is a step up in storage and performance on the one she has/had and constantly used.
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By Wooster
It's still a constant source of annoyance for me that one of the companies I do work for insist on me signing off jobs using an iPad (no other platform available).
It's a shit app tbh, but it's just horrible having to pull out that midsized slab of junk when you can do the same job (and add far more information) with the phone in your pocket via email....or the laptop you already have online for the job.
"Why take only two devices to the job, when we can make you take three?"

My old dear loves hers though, but she's a complete couch potato. (Facebook, Words With Friends etc.)

Sounds like a rant..which it is bit. :)
But...for productivity: shit, for social stuff: excellent. ;)
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By richietog
Is there a hotspot feature on an iPhone to use MAC filtering? Or has that feature not been included in all versions of iOS

Can imagine that the early versions of iOS and iPhones don't have that feature, but I'm talking about the iPhone 6s up to the current devices on the market
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By richietog
I prefer added protection. I don't want to carry around items that can get misplaced easily, that is why I am thinking of getting 4G for my iPhone, and using that as a hotspot for my editing laptop and iPad
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By Wooster
Aye, but you set it up the same way you'd set up a wireless router, in that only devices with the password can connect to it.
It's not just lying wide open for anyone to connect to.

...anyway, it's not hard to detect client device MAC addresses over WiFi, so it's easy to spoof them and not remotely a security measure.
The security is in the encryption method (i.e. WPA2)
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