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By loughor
That is what Richietog posted about but didn't mention in the post - just a link.

I was maybe hard on him but hey, I don't like blind linking.

It is the Superhub 2 that is of concern but no router should just have default settings. Me, I have a 3 and changed the passwords as soon as it was up.

There was a general recent release that any router made by Netgear and (I forget the other - Cisco?) were all at risk.
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By loughor
I just had an email. Bill up £3.99pm in November. My contract is up in December. Much as I'd like to go to Sky, they may not have fixed the sound issues with the Q box and the BB speed is puny compared to VM (not that I really need it that fast). I have time to ponder.
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By richietog
Oh, I thought this was about me....never mind...*walks out*
By [PCF]Falcs
virgin any good? they are coming to my area within the next two months and are advertising 200mbs cable for less than what i pay BT for 26mbs a month!
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By Wooster
I've been a customer for years (about 17 years, so far, in different houses (used to be Telewest)) and had relatively few complaints.
The Superhubs can be used in Bridge Mode with your own router, if you prefer, and any service issues I've had in the past has usually been down to the signal levels being too high/low, something usually solved by adding or removing an attenuator.

I'm on 200 myself and it's rock solid, but I'm not aware of many services that could utilise all of that (most usenet servers top out at 100 and Netflix UHD only needs about 25), so you could probably get away with 100.

I don't have any kids leeching off my bandwidth though. ;)
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By loughor
In the main I am happy with VM. The odd niggle. I complain here but mostly with the TV service.

If you do decide to get them in, get someone to recommend you so you both get some cash.
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By loughor
I just read in the current edition of Computeractive magazine that VM are putting prices up a few squids in November. VM haven't told me yet. My contract is up in December but much as I'd like Sky Q again, they still have not fixed the soundbar dropout issue (I checked), which is the main reason to avoid Sky. That and it loses signal when it rains, which it does a lot over by here.
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By loughor
As I clicked "submit" I thought ' oh hang on, I did have something through but wasn't that September?'.

But yeah, senility is looking likely ;)
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By loughor
I'm putting this in VM because they still charge for this.

From October 2018, Ofcom will prevent telephone providers from charging for caller display services. Good. Except you watch, line rental will just happen to go up buy a few squids.
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By loughor
I see that as from today, the "old" VM app does not work and you need to "update" to two apps to get the same kind of functionality. The old app will update to one that just controls the TiVo/V6. A new app is needed to stream - VM Go.

Editorial comment: loadabollocks.

Also, my contract was up yesterday. Shame SkyQ still has sound problems with TVs using soundbars (according to search results and their forum).
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By loughor
Do any VM customers use their wifi app on their mobiles/tablets/etc.? It gets pants reviews but may do something useful after an update. I've no need of it but I appear to be opted in, despite my Hub being in modem only mode.
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By loughor
I managed to get £15 a month discount by calling Retentions. I had to sign up for another year.
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