PC master race
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By Dirty Harry
Bit old know, but played Snap maps on Doom. There are some retro maps been recreated by mappers using the old textures for the map, but up to date graphics for weapons & monsters. Thumbs up from me. :)
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By richietog
Civ 6 on king level, and it's friggin hard without two or more going to war against you, plus city state
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By richietog
Back to the good ole PS4 console and FIFA17. Not going to get the new one this year, since I don't play online
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By richietog
Might get Battlefield 1, which seems strange, they only released it in 2016, alongside Battlefield 4
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By Wooster
Battlefield: Bad Company 2.

I fancied a dumb shooter without all the Pokemon Card upgrade shite, and I'm really enjoying it again.
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By Wooster
Infuriating at times though.

I'd forgotten about the multiple attempts to silently take down the sentry before the sniper stuff and stuck at Snowfall as well....oh, and the truck chase scene where the helicopter hits you in the tunnel... :x
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By richietog
It's Wolfenstein II tonight

But it looks like it will be tomorrow night as there is a 41.2Gb update, yes, update to the game, at least the developers should realise this and not make people with slow connections have to wait 11 hours to download in order to play a game. Really stupidly ridiculous it is
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