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By loughor
I just heard on the radio that some smart meters are catching fire and whole houses have gone, sometimes months after installation. The companies, Ovo for one, say it isn't their responsibility. It has been suggested that the installers jiggle wires about to make the things fit. The jiggling can make for loose connections and we all know the rest.
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By Glamdring
Mine is in a pretty accessible place so I hope they've not buggered it up.
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By loughor
I just had a call from Ovo. They have engineers "about in my area" and would I let them fit smart meters here? I said no, not until they are SMETS2. They said they'd leave me alone until then.Good.

I thought at first it was in answer to the email I sent them last night asking why they estimated meter readings when I had already entered them into their system between their request and the deadline. I told them it was dishonest as the estimates were invariably well over which reduced my balance and hence interest. OK, maybe pence, but there is a principle.
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By Glamdring
I've not had that problem. I have the electric smartmeter but not gas, because it wouldn't fit in the required space. My last gas estimate was only a tiny amount more than I'd used. I like their app because I can stick a reading in when it occurs to me.
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By loughor
I just had an email that my reward interest is now 5% from 3%. Fine.

I only used 3 units on the gas last month, according to the meter. They always have an "are you sure?" prompt. I just tell them what the meters say.
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By NeoDude
I just had Smart Meters fitted for Leccy and Gas the other day by Scottish Power. A bit disappointed that the in-home display won't also show my solar generation. I already have an in-home display that shows how much my Solar Panels make as well as how much leccy I use. The new one shows gas and leccy but has no provision for linking up with my panels. So now I've got 2 panels, one that shows Solar Generation and leccy used, and another that shows leccy used and gas used.
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By loughor
Maybe it will change when they come back to fit the new SMETS2 meters.
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By Glamdring
Mine is rubbish. It won't tell me how much power I'm using at any particular minute, and if I set it to show this or that reading it defaults back to whatever it is it wants to tell me. I regret having it done.
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By loughor
It is back in the news.
Savings are projected at less than £1 a month in the real world, much less than still being touted.

Even when the SMETS2 type come out, if meters go in my house, how will it save except by reporting less than I am using? If I want a light on, it will be on. If the heating needs to be at 21ºC then it will be. And 92p a month? Not worth the time worrying.

A waste of billions of pounds installing the things, which I'm contributing to through my bills and I'll be doing all over again to replace the first generation meters. GAH!
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By Glamdring
You get my vote!
It's been a huge waste of time and resources. It's all designed so that a few people can get very rich off the taxpayer and it makes me very angry. They stuck one in for my electricity, but couldn't for the gas because it would have meant ripping out my kitchen sink and leaving me with no pots n bottles space under it. I told them to bugger off. Politely. Yet another grand Government scheme doomed to failure.
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By Wooster
I see one of the early proponents of them has binned his: https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/ex-m ... -0ntg3mb75
(paywall site, but you get the gist and can find it elsewhere)

I knew I'd never look at one, so never saw the point.
Stuff that needs to be on in my house, is on.
Stuff that doesn't need to be on, is off.

It's not rocket science.
...although (for the conspiracy theorists), every electrical device has a unique signature. So, if you're worried about being spied upon, the smart meter could be a wee spy in your camp. :? :D

Oh, and they don't work if you change supplier?
I change mine every two or three years (always a cheaper deal available), so that'll probably make them 'less' than useless, eh?
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