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By loughor
I suppose their stuff will be frozen because of shipping times, unless it gets flown in in which case it won't be cheap.
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By Glamdring
All it needs is a campaign by the Daily Mail about chlorinated chicken and how it causes cancer (allegedly) and it'll never sell. Easy.
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By Glamdring
Jean Claude was not as confident in the EU Parliament tonight as he'd like to think he made out. And for heaven's sake, would someone trip Farage up so he breaks his jaw and can't talk until the next we leave the EU? I never want to hear that idiot speak.
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By Wooster
Nice to see the Tories might have almost finalised Brexit negotiations ... with themselves.
What a fucking joke.

It's not just that they're making a total cunt of the Brexit negotiations.
These are the same people who will be expected to set up new trade deals with the rest of the world in the aftermath ... no doubt to the same 'high' standards.

... we'll probably corner the global 'pig in a poke' market.
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By Glamdring
The thing is, it's not the politicians that do the real negotiating, it's the civil servants, infinitely brighter than the MPs, in manifold meetings with their counterparts that will get the job done. What the civil servants need is a sense of what we actually want from the talks. It's then up to them to get it. So far, that's been the stumbling block.
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By Wooster
They've started dubbing the Captain Birdseye adverts already.
I can't lip read but it looks like German. ;)
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By Wooster
So much for Strong and Stable Government, these cunts can't even form a stable Party.

During the most important negotiations we've undertaken in 40 years (a situation that they themselves contrived), they can barely go a week without collapsing into internecine bickering and back stabbing.

....it's this country they're stabbing in the fucking back.
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By richietog
Meh, I was just hoping that the talks would fail, so they could cancel Brexit. They have reached some sort of agreement a few days ago

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