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By Glamdring
Yes. The gene removes the brown colour and that reveals the blue. They'd been looking for one particular gene for ages but found it on a completely different one.
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By Wooster
Glamdring wrote:
Wed Sep 27, 2017 8:27 pm
.. 6-10000 years ago.
My direct male ancestor arrived in Britain around the top end of that estimate.

-edit- Or the area that Britain would appear from, at least. ;)
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By Glamdring
At 10000 years he'd have walked. At 6 he'd have needed boat because by then Doggerland had been demolished in a wild Tsunami.
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By Wooster
The markup on memory foam/polyurethane mattresses must be huge, there's at least two companies on TV tripping over themselves to give them away for 100 days trial.
I'd have an entirely uneducated guess that they'll cost about £30 all in.

(I hate the stuff)
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