Tech help for Mac and iOS
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By loughor
Updates available for macOS (10.12.6), TVOS (10.2.2), iOS (10.3.3) and WatchOS (3.2.3).

I'm having an update morning.
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By loughor
OK, we just had iOS 11. A few days ago it was 11.0.1 and today it is 11.0.2. I've not had problems but others have. My iPad is currently getting 11.1 beta so that version will be along for regular hardware soon enough.

I like 11 better than 10.
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By richietog
They have totally messed things up with iOS 11
My iPhone has no option for airdrop, my iPad doesn’t allow for airdrop to be enabled, plus on the iPad you can’t do a ¿ which weird because you do that on the iPhone.

Also another angst is they removed the ability to move the cursor to a particular point which is annoying when autocorrect messes up

I’ll take that back on the airdrop, found that I left the restriction on
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