Tech help for the PC
I like the bit where you type the URL to be above the tabs. The newer FFs have big rounded tabs above. The only way I could get it back was with the theme. Since I typed that there above yours what I posted then when I did it, I fired up Safari and grabbed the extensions that seem appropriate (Ghostery, Adblock Plus, Google opt out - others as well) and I'll see how it goes. Safari used to be pants back in the day but it has improved in mac OS (can't say for Windows).

Remember that dude who loved Opera? I wonder how he is getting on with that. Ward - I just remembered. He was a good guy.
After getting Safari very close to what I want and can get used to, I let FF do the 57 update. What were they thinking? Address bar below tabs? I expect some will like it but not yrs trly. I did a search on how to restore it but wasn't happy. It has now been fully uninstalled, plist files and everything. I'm another ex-user statistic. Shame, but there you go.

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