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By Wooster
MS Word (Office 365) has a function to insert alternative text into any photos you add to the document, and it's badly implemented, even for MS.
It 'guesses' what it thinks it's seeing.

If I add a photo that I have called 'Ground Floor Cable Riser', it won't use the description I have given the photo, it'll come up some fucking random description like 'Empty Wardrobe' or similar.

Why, when there's a perfectly good description already available?

The only explanation I can think of is that they're forcing people into adding descriptions (I don't bother my arse) for their machine learning databases.
Pricks. ;)
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By richietog
This is why I don't bother with updating to Office 365, there are always features that is going to piss me off with Cloud based software and that is they are going to add features that I don't want
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By loughor
Pages, Numbers and Keynote for me ;) but LibreOffice isn't bad as a freebie and does, as far as I have found on the ever so rare occasions I started it up, most of what Office does.
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By Wooster
Some of the docs I get have Macros, so can't use Libre in case it buggers them. :/
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By Glamdring
I use and actually bought Word Plus Premium on my lappy, having tried the free alternatives. It's okay but it's clear it simply doesn't have the polish of Office 2007, which I use on my PC.
Office rules, there are no competitors.
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By richietog
I don't know if this is kosher, or if there is a catch to this, like it will only last a limited amount of times/period. The price seems weird considering they used (if true) to sell for a couple hundred quid at a time ... dpSrc=srch
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By richietog
But I’m not Jeff
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By richietog
It did work, saved myself a few hundred pounds in doing so

mmm, it seems very internet dependent though, annoying feature

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