Tech help for the PC
By Andrew

I have a windows 7 desktop gaming PC and I have a Radeon graphics card installed in it with The Radeon Software running in the system tray until recently it has always installed updates perfectly ok, but when I try to install the recommended or optional update through the Radeon Software it comes up with a window saying:

Windows cannot find 'Bin64\InstallManagerAPP.exe'. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again. [OK]

I didn't actually type anything like the window says I just clicked on the option to update in the Radeon software.

Any ideas on how to fix it?

Thank you if you can advise.
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By AlexC
Although I have an Nvidia GPU DDU is my first option in fixing any problems with drivers, in Safe Mode with Network. It usually works, and I only install the drivers and PhysX. Occasionally it doesn't, which leaves two options. The first is to turn my PC off including the PSU, remove and re-insert the GPU (something others do with success), and failing that, go back into Safe Mode, access Device Manager, and uninstall the drivers for the GPU. When re-booting W7 should install basic drivers, and I then re-install the new drivers, re-boot, and it's up and running.

I never use Nvidia Update, which may be the equivalent of the Radeon Software.

Statler and Waldorf :lol: may have a different solution but I'd go with Wooster's suggestion.
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By Wooster
I've never had an issue with DDU.
I suspect it's a simple file corruption that's stalling the process.

After you run DDU it might also be worth removing the C:\AMD folder before installing the full drivers.
If a file is corrupted and misnamed, that'll remove all evidence of it.
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By AlexC
If the only alternative to W10 is a Mac I might consider it, but as my poor old W7 PC is coping with everything I need I'll be sticking with it - and most, if not all, games that would require an upgrade aren't worth playing.

I have had problems when DDU didn't do what it was intended to do, but the other solutions given soon fixed them. And I've even ran sfc /scannow although it never seems to find anything.

You could try Wooster's suggestions Andrew if all else fails, but persevere and you'll be up and running in (virtually) no time. And always select optional install. No point in installing things you don't need and having looked at richietog's link there might be a lot!

So, lad, now Wooster's around do tell us the problems you're having...
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By richietog
I wouldn't touch a Mac, an overpriced POS to be honest. It's all aesthetics these days with Apple, nothing inventive
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By AlexC
Good to hear Andrew. Care to take a wild guess who had to use DDU and install new drivers when his PC froze when playing a game in Steam? :lol:

Bl***y Steam!

Can't think of anything else to blame...
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By Splinter
As suggested by Wooster, DDU is really very handy, especially when going from Nvidia to AMD and vice versa, but it's best completed in safe mode.
As for Geforce Experience, when it wasn't crashing, I saw no need for it at all and prefer to update drivers manually. And having to login to GfExp was a pain.
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By richietog
I'm so scared to update my Radeon graphics card drivers, because I will just have to go through the process of re-installing OOBE drivers again

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