Tech help for hand-held devices
By Andrew

At the computer clinic where I volunteer somebody has two small ipods, one for him and one for his wife and they want to sync from their 1 computer (windows 10) to both devices but they have had problems doing this. Would they need to have 2 itunes accounts to do this?

I don't use ipods myself but said I would ask on here to see what you advise.

I prefer to use mp3 players where you copy and paste the music from windows on to the mp3 player, but obviously ipods don't work like that and you have to use the apple software.

Can you help please?

Thank you.
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By richietog
I’m sure would need a joint account to sync with another
By Andrew
OK thank you for that, I will have a look at the ipods next time I'm at the computer clinic on Friday.
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By richietog
I wouldn't recommend shared iTunes account, because it might share contact details, with other half might get suspicious of each other

I would suggest the only way is to contact Apple regarding this to be honest. I can only suggest a shared account, but in hindsight, not a good idea
By Andrew

I've got a new problem with this person's ipod nano. They brought both their's and their wife's ipod nano's in today at the computer clinic where I volunteer.

I managed to clear one ipod nano and put all the music from the windows 10 computer on it which worked ok. I then tried the same process with the other ipod nano he had and it would not let me delete any of the tracks on there through the itunes program, it just didn't list the option to delete like it did for the other nano.

The one that is not working correctly is a 7th generation ipod nano and because I was limited on time I thought I would factory reset the ipod nano but after reading different guides online about holding certain buttons to factory reset it none of them did anything. The ipod nano turns on and off ok, and you can navigate the touchscreen and physical buttons ok. When we plug it into his windows 10 desktop it detects the nano through itunes but I just can't delete the tracks listed.

I tried the reset options in settings on the ipod nano screen but this did not solve anything. I tried to factory reset the nano by using it connected to the computer and by using itunes but options weren't there to factory reset even though on guides on youtube and on google it says you can do it through itunes which I could not find any options for.

Thinking about it now I was wondering if there is a lock option on nano's? that stops you from deleting stuff, I didn't notice one though.

If it's not locked I wonder if it is damaged.

Thank you if you can help.
By Andrew
Sorry to post again, it's been a week since I asked for help with this problem.

Do you know of any good Apple forums that could solve my query?

Thank you if you can help.
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By loughor
I'm on a Mac Forum. Whether they can help is another matter but there is some good knowledge there.

If you join, your posts will not appear immediately as the first ten (or whatever) are moderated. It does tend to stop spam accounts in their tracks. The mods are frequent visitors so it doesn't take long.

I used to be on an iPad forum many years ago but it was a bit pony and I never got answers.
By Andrew
Thank you for that loughor, I have bookmarked that site and when I get time I will join and ask on there. Cheers :)
By Andrew
Just to let you know I used a piece of software that a fellow volunteer recommended called PodTrans and I was able to delete all the tracks on the problem ipod nano and then add all the tracks the chap wanted to add to their ipod nano. It's very good software the only problem was I could only add 1 album at a time but he did not have many albums on his pc so that was not a problem.

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