Talk about the big screen and little screen in here.
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By Glamdring
Going off Blindspot. The plots in S3 are strained and increasingly implausible.
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By Glamdring
Finally found Orville. It's good.
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By loughor
I heard that the last Game of Thrones series on TV won't go out until some time in 2019 to give the book writing guy a chance to catch up. Arse... or (_!_)
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By Wooster
Channel 4 Biggest Little Railway

James May did that, but flicking past it they all seem to be wearing buoyancy aids.
Is that because they're standing on a road within 100m of a canal?

-edit- It fucking is as well.
What a bunch of fannies! :D

...interest lost.
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By loughor
I lost interest on seeing a trailer and thinking "James May did that but electric".

I'm falling behind on Netflix and new Dirk Gently has thrown more hours into the pot. Aiyiyi! Good that I don't work.
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By Wooster
I stopped watching that a while back.
I can forgive Jackson for spinning out The Hobbit to include stuff that would never otherwise be seen (I'm actually glad he did), but they kicked the arse right out of Dirk Gently.
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By loughor
Watching the Railway thing from BBC2 because he is travelling on my patch. He stopped at the chapel just up the road. Portillo can't quite pronounce Loughor but the local guy he is talking to gets it spot on, as you would expect. If you ever wondered, there's your chance while it is on iPlayer. It's one of the better episodes as it happens.
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By Glamdring
I'd like the programmes but I can't stand Portillo. I am a rail fan. Used to be a trainspotter as a youth. Went all over the North of England.
By [PCF]Falcs
Watched discovery last night and it was very good! i think this series is going to be rather good not the star trek of old but better i think in a way
Orville is more like Star trek of old but with some dry humor in the mix which makes it better
By [PCF]Falcs
X Files is back on but not quite sure of it this time!
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By Wooster
I see there's a series based on Lethal Weapon now as well.
Not sure about it myself though..
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By Wooster
Claudia Winkleman is the kiss of comedy death.

She's on the Big Fat Quiz tonight, and it's dire..
Shouty, overpaid and over rated American Tan faced pain in the arse.

Jonothan Ross's dogs are a fucking abomination as well, they look like they're inside out. :|
By [PCF]Falcs
Star Trek discovery is back on and seems to be as good as the first half of the season.
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