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By Wooster
The Republicans are blaming the Democrats for the US government shutdown, despite the fact that they hold the majority and could have gotten the bill through all by themselves, had they chosen to do so.
That's like farting in a lift and accusing the only other person there. :/
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By richietog
Wooster wrote:
Fri Jan 19, 2018 11:06 pm
Why is the London news so enamoured by calling stuff 'Boris'?
Wasn't it Ken Livingston who brought those bikes in?

'Boris Island' ..the airport in the Thames, with a tidal range so high they needed to build a barrier against it.
And now some other Boris thing about a bridge over the channel...like a fucking moonshot as far as the UK economy is concerned.

Trump's claims of Fake News doesn't sound so daft now.
That’s a good point, maybe a lot of people likes the bumbling buffoon
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By Wooster
I don't think we've had the ability to beat the Russians in a square go for about 100 Years, that's why we joined NATO.

If there weren't so many greedy bastards around, we might have the tax revenue coming in to support the military....and a shit load of other things too.
(p.s. We're about to throw away the only real power we had, in 2020..........due to the machinations of the aforementioned greedy bastards.)
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By richietog
Hilarity ensues in France
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By Wooster
That vaginal mesh stuff looks jaggy as fuck.

It's no wonder women are taking them to court.
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By Glamdring
I see Gerry Adams is rooting for Corbyn to be next PM. A bit like two Mafia bosses teaming up.
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By Wooster
They've been reporting on one of Adams deputies removing a wheel clamp from his car, using bolt cutters.
Good on him.
I'd do the same thing.
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By Wooster
I see some politicians are still obsessing over who goes to Uni, who doesn't, and in what numbers.
Most of the kids I know can't wait to get out of education and start working as soon as possible, hopefully with a trade in their pockets by the time they're 20.

Trying to shoehorn people with no interest into higher education is a political box ticking exercise, with little regard for reality imho.
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By Wooster
There have been 30 mass shootings in the USA in 2018 already (as of yesterday).
That's what, two every three days?
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By loughor
I must have missed Trump's Tweets on them. As well as the ones when their stock markets fell by a lot.
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By Wooster
Well, no-one can accuse him of hypocrisy in regards to not giving a fuck about American on American mass shootings.
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By richietog
I am wondering if these POTUS really do have any leverage over the gun lobby, in particularly the NRA.
I don't think they see this as a threat to their security these mass killings. I know it's small numbers that are being killed, but surely someone in the WH and the Senate has to realise that
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