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By loughor
I come in, get New Posts and refresh from there s desired. About half the time it sticks. If I click X (stop load) then refresh, it loads. It is arse but not a show-stopper. Firefox with AdBlock+ and Privacy Badger. It could be a combination of things or just bad luck. On the odd occasion a site gives me gyp, I just use Safari (with ad block stuff), but I try to avoid it because I always have, not because it is bad. It is faster than FF in macOS, but you'd expect that.
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By richietog
Strikethrough, how do you do this on this site again???
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By loughor
You can’t in this theme. It would need tinkering behind the scenes to which I don't have the know-how, even after searching with DDG. Maybe CC could try if he has the time, inclination and can see a reason why it is needed.

I'm sure that you know just one question mark makes a sentence into a question in English. Adding more does not make it any more of a question or indicate it is more unfathomable or urgent. Similarly, the exclamation mark does not need repeating. Ever. I'm sure I have been guilty at some time. My English grammar and punctuation is not the best. I rely on the site to show me spelling mistakes. I say these things to hopefully show I am not deliberately being a supercilious clever-clogs. It is just a pet peeve that sets me off.
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By loughor
Well done, who's a clever boy then... and ho ho ho :D Apostrophes is one where I'm only 75% confident of use so I know I get things wrong. I have looked it up but it doesn't mesh with what my teacher used to say. Or I was daydreaming again while she droned on.
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By richietog

Oh now it works
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By richietog
Should this site have a means so new posters with zero to ten (or whatever the limit chosen by admin) posts don't have the means to post links. This should stop spammers

Not saying anyone is a spammer

I see someone has used email in their post
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