PC master race
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By nickB
Right now don't have enough time to play far cry 5 but wasting time and playing cube runer.
By [PCF]Falcs
I have started playing World in Conflict the complete edition again and have to say it is such a shame they dont make single player games like this any more, the story although far fetched is excellent the graphics are still top notch today and everything plays fluidly.
Its very good how they have added the dlc into the main game to so you get to play it at teh same time from both sides
It was free on Uplay so maybe see if it is still as i highly recommend it!
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By richietog
Just finished playing Civilization 6 on Immortal level (Domination victory), the Emperor level was much harder until I put it on Epic speed

It'll be Wooster's wifi password...

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