Tech help fpr the PC
At last Windows Stores has fixed the irritating guess how much the apps have to go plus the download rate

Another irritating thing Microsoft has to fix, is their fucking servers. Fed up with waiting for their updates to finish downloading only for it to stick at 1 or 2%
I can't understand Windows Update, it normally allowed me to download the updates without turning off metered connection, I don't want to be disturbed or my internet downloading updates while I am playing a game, which would cause so much lag that I might end up getting either kicked off the game itself, or get killed constantly. It normally did with the "Download" button normally appearing and going through the whole update process....not this time, it stopped at 1% again.....grrrrr
Can't understand why Windows 10 Pro USB didn't allow me to upgrade from Home from the desktop. It kept on saying it was a different edition or the wrong Windows directory...fucking weird problems

So had to deactivate all my Adobe products. Let's see if Microsoft allows me to reactivate Office 2010

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Looks better to me.

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