PC master race
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By nickB
Right now don't have enough time to play far cry 5 but wasting time and playing cube runer.
By [PCF]Falcs
I have started playing World in Conflict the complete edition again and have to say it is such a shame they dont make single player games like this any more, the story although far fetched is excellent the graphics are still top notch today and everything plays fluidly.
Its very good how they have added the dlc into the main game to so you get to play it at teh same time from both sides
It was free on Uplay so maybe see if it is still as i highly recommend it!
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By richietog
Just finished playing Civilization 6 on Immortal level (Domination victory), the Emperor level was much harder until I put it on Epic speed
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By Wooster
'member I bought Project Cars 2 on the Steam sale?

I didn't think I'd take to it in all honesty. :?
(I do too much driving IRL and it's not really the same, despite the 'simulator' tag.)

Anyhoozles (there's a good tip coming up).
I tried playing it with the Logitech Rumblepad 2 controller I bought some years ago.....and it was terrible (digital triggers, not analogue).
Tried my old PS3 controller via Bluetooth+old DS3 software, but not great on Windows 10...(flaky)

So thought long and hard about just buying a new Joypad, either a Xbox or PS4 console one. (Analogue triggers)

Xbox controller works with Win10 natively, wired.
Wirelessly, they're looking for more cash for a BT dongle (think they're about £25), over and above the £50(ish) for the controller.

*Tip coming up* ;)

The new PS4 controller (also around £50) feels better and should work with most cheapo BT dongles in conjunction with DS4Windows software (emulates the Xbox controller), so I bought one and it was absolutely terrible.
Input lag was through the roof and I had constant disconnects.

Know what it was?
*here's the tip* Windows 10 power profile.

It was on the default Balanced profile, which may have reduced power to the BT dongle.
As soon as I changed it to High Performance..... zero issues!

So, the game plays brilliantly (few tweaks needed on the in game Xbox controller settings) and I'm actually quite enjoying it (looks lovely as well). ;)
The only drawback is that I ordered a new BT dongle that isn't needed. :|

Those Power settings in 10 seem to be a bit on the aggressive side though...I mean, how much energy does a BT dongle consume?
Ordering a new one (thinking mine was faulty) from Amazon must have consumed an exponential amount more energy than the moderate savings the power plan could ever have hoped to achieve.

Clocking down the CPU is fair enough, but it probably affects WiFi adapters and USB devices as well.

It'll be Wooster's wifi password...

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