Tech help for the PC
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By richietog
I got a 165Hz already, it doesn't need 8 cards to run
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By Wooster
Just a wee exaggeration. ;)

144FPS+ @4K will take a couple of GTX 1080 Ti's behind it, so about £1500 worth of oomph.
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By richietog
Got rid of the TV, so the monitor is now used in conjunction with the PS4, with the speakers going to the output of the sound
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By Wooster
I'm largely unimpressed with my 27" 4K monitor for practical purposes.
Gaming is fine, but I mostly drop back to 1980x1080 because most games seem optimised for that res and don't offer a great amount of extra detail at the expense of a major FPS hit.

General browsing and office work is similarly affected, but in the opposite way.
Fonts are tiny in some browsers, even with scaling at 150% and Word/Excel documents also need to be scaled up individually.

So I have come to the conclusion that my old 24" 1900x1200 monitor was a far more practical all round monitor.

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