PC master race
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By Wooster
It's pretty much more of the same so far, gameplay wise.

The benchmark utility in video settings is a bit of a con though.
I spent a few hours on win7 & win10 trying the various options on a 4k Freesync monitor (driven by an AMD R9 390) and the benchmark results do not reflect reality.

Granted it's an older card, but no matter what settings I tried, I ended up with a 500ms stutter (twice every second) on every setting and combination I tried.
The only way to stop it, that I've found so far, is to set half native resolution for the monitor (1920x1080) in windows itself.

Seems to be another poor console port, as far as the gfx are concerned.
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By AlexC
And only £74.99 for the Gold Edition (unless you need to upgrade anything then a few hundred more, including a forced W10), and that's without taking into account 'microtransactions'.

Tried and hated FC3 and 4, and FC2 remains the best, can be had for £8.69 on Steam, and will run on virtually any PC. Gameplay may be the same as FC3 and 4 but when you look at the changes, FC2 still comes out top.

Others might disagree, but it's their cash and it's up to them how they decide to spend it.
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By Wooster
Far Cry 3 was good, the Blood Dragon mod was a total hoot.

I paid £39.99 for FC5...can't be doing with all that extra crap I don't need...on a game that doesn't exactly work either. :D
By [PCF]Falcs
I have enjoyed all the FC series but i always wait a few months and get them dirt cheap plus they have ironed out most the bugs by then in the meant time i will continue on the high seas avasting a great fortune in gold and plunder!
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By nickB
Far Cry 5 is my all time favorite game.
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By AlexC
Glad you're enjoying it but my interest in the series ended with Far Cry 2. Other than that Outcast 1.1 and the original Deus Ex have yet to be matched, although I did love Dishonored, if not the sequel.
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By loughor
No, AlexC is correct - anything FC after 2 is a waste of money.
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By AlexC
Agreed, but folk are free to buy what they enjoy.

It's an oldie but been playing Age of Empires 2 HD on Steam. The ability and need to change tactics and strategy when needed is essential, especially against tenacious opponents still makes it a great game. Current favourite weapon is the Ongar. You can use it to clear paths through forests, enabling you to get behind enemy lines and outflank them, and change the course of battles.
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By Wooster
That's why it takes so long to load and has most of the destructible environment stuff turned off.

I've finished it, completely.
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By Splinter
I bought the season pass with FC3 and Hours of Darkness Vietnam adventure, which is pretty good.
What they don't tell you is that you have to wait for the Mars and Zombies DLCs which we can download in July and August.
Yesterday I saw a video of FC5 in native 4K with no modding, just vanilla. Quite stunning and I'm curious to know what his hardware is.
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By Wooster
I've played it in 4K and the textures don't add anything over everything on Ultra on HD, certainly not anything worth the reduced framerates.
By [PCF]Falcs
Is it worth buying or waiting for it in a sale?
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