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By Wooster
I see Westminster has managed about the least it could possibly do to help out the British Overseas Territory of Anguilla.
France on the other hand, had emergency contingency plans already in place before Irma hit St Martin.

It's a fucking embarrassment. :/
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By Wooster
The news organisations must be gutted that Florida didn't get fucked.
So much money spent on GoreTex Jackets and flights.. :)

That's not exactly fair I suppose.. :)
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By Wooster
Not much to say about the ongoing Westminster response for Anguilla.

..it's not much. :/
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By richietog
You start wondering why our colonies of past years have decided to do things their own ways, or gone from being British to US. Our response is so lethargic to say the least
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By Wooster
Aren't the British Virgin Islands one of the richest regions in the world?
(I think the queen even hides her money there)
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By loughor
All this Trump nonsense with North Korean missiles. Why don't they use their anti-missile missiles from ships in international waters to down them before they get anywhere near Japan, etc.? Is it that they simply can't or want an excuse to respond?
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By Glamdring
They're baby ICBMs flying 350 miles overhead. There is no guaranteed effective deterrent. The US has a system in place but it's far from foolproof.
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By Wooster
If Ronnie Raygun was still around they'd be lasered from space on the launchpad.
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