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By loughor
I renewed my Kaspersky Internet Security today. This was the first time it was cheaper to renew with them than buy a new license from Amazon. Even cheaper for two years, so I did that. £1 a month seemed reasonable. It finally updated to 18 from 16 (there was no 17 for Mac). I've never seen a performance hit and yes, Mac threats exist in magnitudes less than for Windows, but it is risk management, what with specialist sites one might accidentally land on.

Kaspersky did not pay me for saying that, which is a shame. Luis Villazon is adamant that Macs do not need any AV.
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By loughor
Quote from the link: 'Security researchers claimed to have discovered 13 critical Spectre/Meltdown-like vulnerabilities throughout AMD's Ryzen and EPYC lines of processors that could allow attackers to access sensitive data, install persistent malware inside the chip, and gain full access to the compromised systems.' ... ities.html
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By Wooster
Their stock price has suffered since February on the back of these issues, essentially the same price as Feb 2017.
Might be worth a punt if they can fix them.

Apparently it's not a hardware issue, all soft/firmware related, so no need to scrap what they've produced....apparently. :)
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By Wooster
Things must be looking positive for them.

Your reminder made me look at the problem again, after that post, and I fired $1000 on them.
I'm up $165 today. :)

Pity I lost $210 on the back of the problems coming to light in the first place though. :lol:
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