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By loughor
Not in this, the car thread, he didn't (that I can see). I rarely click random links that are a domain I don't like the look of or where there is no indication of what it is about. I did a search and it was in the Today thread and has a URL I don't care for. So yes, he did but I didn't see it.
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By loughor
I see that the MOT rules are changing from today. Much tighter rules on diesel emissions and checks on the DPF. No visible smoke at all (post-2010 cars). Missing DPF is a straight fail and is already illegal.

Other highlights - steering checked through and no leaks permitted, reversing lights now in and brake disk level.

I'm glad I got out of diesel in 2016.
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By Glamdring
I hear there is real pressure to add lights to the MOT, in that you can't modify them. Standard bulbs or fail, because some bulbs are stupidly bright to oncoming traffic when you forget to dip the beam.
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By loughor
Standard is what comes in the car when new. What is designed for that make/model. It is because people put in the super-halogen-lighthouse-batsign bulbs so they can see better while dazzling on-comers even when dipped. There are a few twats who have done that round here.
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By Wooster
The standard HID Xenons are pretty bright, especially in a SUV with the adjustment cranked all the way up.

I used to do a lot of night driving in the Highlands and I'd have normal-ish bulbs in the full beam and off-road ones in the high beam, certainly helped.
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