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By richietog
Does anyone buy used computer parts like graphics cards?

I am thinking over a graphics card that is currently in my budget range of £400, the thing is, it's been used

Not really bothered about "cosmetics", just want the grunt of that card (GTX1080ti)
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By richietog
Nah, it's way above the budget
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By Anderz
Yes I do but I limit to older graphic cards for testing purposes.

Last it was the old mighty GTX8800 in SLI so a pair of them. it was going nice on my 2008 system but one day that pc refuse to start up and even using a newer video card did not solve it. I have finally retired it as nothing would get it to boot.

Buying a GTX1080TI used? Does it still come with warrenty?
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By richietog
This is also what I am worried about, whether it comes with warranty, probably just warranted under the seller's warranty, not the manufacturer's RMA system, after all, they will be the one selling it

It'll be Wooster's wifi password...

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