PC master race
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By Splinter
As you would expect, the UK map has been shrunk to take in the sights, roads and rolling hills of the UK.
Included are Glen Rannoch, Edinburgh, Astmoor in Cheshire, Welsh Valleys, Lakehurst Forest and an unknown east coast beach.
The game is due for release on October the 2nd at $60/£60 and I'll definitely be shelling out the full price for this one, if I can't get it on CDKeys.
By [PCF]Falcs
I enjoyed Forza 3 until it was mysteriously deleted from my sons xbox even though he says he didn't delete it!
Thing i dont get is that this next one is Forza 4 but wasn't there a Forza 7 just recently?
doubt i will get it until it becomes very cheap (got Forza 3 with the xbox in a deal)
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By Splinter
There's a Forza Horizon series and Forza Motorsport. FM is up to 7 and FH is now at 4 :D
I bought FH3 at CDKeys in November 2016 for $55, as Microsoft were charging over $100 for customers in Argentina at the time.
Sometimes this charging in local currency works in our favour and in others not.

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