Tech help for the PC
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By richietog
As you may already guess, I have a PC that has to be transported to the new place. I assume it's going to be in the top most upper room

My computer comes with a hefty CPU cooler that I don't feel safe with transporting up the stairs.

So what do I do when the day comes when I get the new place? Do I dis-assemble the CPU cooler from the cpu block? Or just put bubble wrap around the areas to stop it moving with foam packing?
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By Wooster
I'd take it off.
With the best will in the world, if it's liable to wiggle about a bit it might bugger up the distribution of the thermal paste.

Why risk it for the sake of 20 minutes work?
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By richietog
The desktop seems fine. Transported well. Took off the cooler, and put it back on with no problems

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