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By richietog
Oh gosh, wish they had another person to cover other workers who go off sick/emergency leave, feel so whacked out, and those lotto numbers don't help one bit
By [PCF]Falcs
Back to work after two days off last week and everything is chaos as normal! sometimes wonder if its worth having the time off although i do feel like i have recharged my batteries a bit.
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By richietog
mmmm, could have a fourth festival photography bash, and no cheesy t-shirt with my website on it in sight, omg, how on earth would I live up to that?
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By richietog
Some people are unbelievable, really are
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By Glamdring
Got my new glasses today. 5p short of £400. Told you I wept. Varifocals with reactolite coating and 'free' scratch resistance. <whimper>
They do work and fit pretty well so far.
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By loughor
You must have chosen some big'uge Dame Edna frames. Or the platinum ones. At least the test was free ;)
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By richietog
Fuck that award show was hectic
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By Glamdring
Deep joy. Two weeks of football. I need an island retreat. With fast internet and decent grub.
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