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By Glamdring
I know lots love footie, but I never have, except for the odd game of kickabout when I was a boy.
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By Splinter
I'm looking forward to it, especially on the new 43" TV and bearing in mind that footie is a religion down here and whenever Argentina play, the streets look post apocalypse. Absolutely no one around.
Mind you, everyone's hoping that Germany don't spoil the party like they have done for Arg in the last two WCs.
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By Wooster
I might watch it to see what they do with the Ultra's

(seeing disaffected youth being beaten to a pulp on the streets makes me all nostalgic) :)
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By richietog
I can't believe I just like a chav yesterday, sports gear instead of just normal gear. Rather posh do yesterday, lol
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By richietog
[PCF]Falcs wrote:
Thu Jun 14, 2018 4:18 pm
When is the World Cup this year or next?
I can't believe you're asking this. A google search will help

It started today, with Russia winning 5-0 against Saudi Arabia
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By loughor
richietog wrote:
Thu Jun 14, 2018 10:23 pm
I can't believe I just like a chav yesterday
I always assumed you liked chavs all the time, not just on that one day.
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By AlexC
Don't listen to them richietog.

Following intense and exhaustive research I have discovered that Glam, loughor, and (probably) Wooster have been replaced by bots.

It explains so much... ;)
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By loughor
Today I had a letter from Saga offering me 'cheap car insurance'. I'm not sure why they thought I'd like to be contacted or how they trawled up my details. I must be on some public 'old fart' register. There's me thinking GDPR would apply to and help minimise this kind of unwelcome nonsense.
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