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By richietog
If I thought that installing AMD gfx was the dark arts, then you’ve got to try to operate the new place washing machine
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By richietog
Oh now the landlord says EE will be installed because Virgin has “a poor connection”, you couldn’t make this shit up
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By richietog
Re did the way my desktop and monitor/printer was set. Didn’t feel too comfortable with the first setup
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By Splinter
I went a bit crazy a couple of weeks ago in the UK and bought a Galaxy Note 8.
Man, is this phone incredible? Fast doesn't quite describe it and the 6.3" screen, the S Pen and the 6Gb of RAM.
Not to mention the dual cameras which take incredible photos, especially the Bokeh effect where you can blur the background after the shot has been taken.
I'm gobsmacked actually.
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By Glamdring
They get great reviews.

The humidity today is as bad as it was during the heart of the summer. :cry:
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By richietog
Mmmmm, typically when I get rid of the website, I find the solution to the problem of the design. And I didn’t even look it up with google.....suck fake
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By richietog
Just as well I never held my breath over the internet, I would be dead by now
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By richietog
Definitely like my new housemate, especially when she comes down in just her dressing gown :lol:
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By Wooster
My right ear's been a bit more bunged up over the last few days and been trying different ways to unblock it.
https://www.wikihow.com/Unclog-the-Inne ... chian-Tube

Drinking water and swallowing with nose pinched and mouth closed is more effective that I thought. :)
(I usually just pinch my nose and mouth and breathe out until my left tear duct whistles....never the right one though, that must be clogged as well..)

It's a pain in the tits. (You get Barry White in one ear and dolphin squeaks in the other) :(

...I did the balloon thing as well, but it blows the bogies the wrong way. o_O
(Don't know where I got one from, but it says 'Binary ABC' on it.)

Eat, drink and smoke too much...so probably self inflicted. ;)
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By richietog
Desperate measures Wooster

Fuck, I may have to cancel my contract with the landlord if he persists in the lack of service provided.

Thought he was being too honest
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