Everything else. (If you're not sure where to post, post it in here)
I like piri piri chicken, just made it yesterday to test if it was viable to make in the future. Took an overnight marination and nearly one hour in total cooking time
Next time I will cook the whole recipe
https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/295 ... spicy-rice
I tried the Tesco version of Magnum a month or two ago and they were not the best. I'd not go for Aldi or Lidl without having a free sample taster first (or other major and minor supermarket brand to be fair). Some own brands are great and some are just shite, to be polite, as with all foods. My daughter says Lidl do good but cheap wine. I'l take her with me next time she is here to point things out. She drinks more booze than I so I will trust her judgement.
Yes the Lidl Magnum rips offs are nice had them before

Both Aldi and Lidl do great cheap wines in fact my favourite wine is an Italian Rosso from Aldi which is only £3.19 a bottle and 10.5% alcohol, it tastes lovely plus doesn't give you a headache in the morning!

aldi are also doing Haloumi Fries for £1.99 a box (in the freezer section next to the chips) which are also lush especially dipped in a peri peri sauce or the like!
Glamdring wrote:
Fri Jul 13, 2018 10:37 am
Are we going to be worried about this?
Couscous is a good alternative. I have heard rice contains a lot of sugars as well as arsenic, so why the fuck are we eating it?
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