Talk about the big screen and little screen in here.
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By Wooster
I liked the book (American Gods) and the series follows it quite well, so I enjoyed it and looking forward to the next series.

It's not a long book though.
Milking it is a recipe for they should do the two and move on to something else.
(That's why I binned Dirk Gently. They should have called it Dirk Gently's Homeopathic Detective Agency, the plot got so thin.)
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By Wooster
I see Matt Frewer (Max Headroom) is in Altered Carbon as well...he does pretty well for being so recognisable a character. :)

The more I watch of it, the more I get the feeling that they're doing the book justice, even though I haven't read it.
By [PCF]Falcs
third season of the Colony is turning out to be the best yet
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By Glamdring
Bulletproof continues to be very good.
The Runaways is proving to be fairly entertaining.
The 100 is really quite good.
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By loughor
Krypton is a bit pants. Ten episodes of contrived plot. You have been warned. If you have a drinking game for it, don't knock one back every time someone says a gratuitous "shit". I am not sure I'd want to watch a second series, however brief.
By [PCF]Falcs
didn't Fancy Krypton glad i didn't start watching it then.
Just finished Supergirl and was getting a bit bored of that by the end
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By Wooster
The Beverly Hillbillies are on Amazon Prime. :)

They even have the original sponsors: Laramie Cigarettes for Kids :D (actually Kellogs)
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