Talk about the big screen and little screen in here.
By [PCF]Falcs
Just watched the first episode of Jack Ryan was very good!
By [PCF]Falcs
More Jack Ryan up to episode 6 now and very good!
Wathced This is Redcar on BBC2 tonight very good i grew up 9 miles away and we used to go there to the arcades when we were teens my mum and dad still live in Guisborough but thats a lot different to Redcar!

Personally been to Redcar lots lately as we are doing a lot of work in the steel works as its now shut with regards to Ground Investigations in reclaiming and cleaning the land up amazing seeing it all derelict and such a shame but fact is the steel works were losing money might hav ebeen good steel but it wasnt making money so no surprise it shut done (sames as the coal mines but best not say much about that as its a very sore point in the north east!)
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By Wooster
There's a couple of spam valley type housing developments been built on the less polluted areas of the old Ravenscraig Steelworks here.
Not sure if it's ironic, but the people who live there voted in a Tory councillor.
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By Wooster
Why do Americans on TV always drink tea with the bag still in the cup?
..and why are they always those commercial bags with the tag and the string?
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By Glamdring
Having rationed myself for weeks I've finally finished S1 of Star Trek: Discovery. Really enjoyed it.
I note a new young Spock appears next season.
By [PCF]Falcs
I really enjoyed that Glam looking forward to the next series
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By Glamdring
A Discovery of Witches, a Sky production, might be promising. I've seen Ep1. Some good Brit and US actors but need to wait to see how the plot develops.
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By Wooster
I wrote it off after hearing the author.
She basically jumped on the old Twilight et al bandwagon and I can't stand those either. :D
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By Glamdring
I have read one of hers. It was not too bad. It depends on how girly it gets. The book wasn't.
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By Glamdring
Constantine, on Fox. 2015 TV series. Ep1 was okay, with decent sets and fx. As always, it could go either way.
Only one season made.
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By Wooster
Been watching Maniac on Netflix and man is it slow, weird and an episodic Gilliam movie.

They've spent a few bucks on it, so I'm running on the expectation that it wasn't for nothing.
(Skipped a couple of cringey bits in ep1 and 2, just to move it along a bit and have made it to the end of ep3...but it's a bit of an ordeal tbh.) :)
By [PCF]Falcs
Been Watching Salvation its not bad bit cheesy but certainly watchable!
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