Everything else. (If you're not sure where to post, post it in here)
Prudish scholars probably didn't think the term through.
Chances are it was the the closest (and relatively dark) place in the theatre to piss, shit and puke without it running down the steps, so it may be a slang term they've latched onto. ;)
loughor wrote:
Thu Jul 26, 2018 6:48 pm
I have no idea what it us as I don't click YouTube links. Not even if my online name is associated with it.

A 'vomitorium' has nothing to do with being sick (I presume you meant that) and never has. It is the exit from a Roman theatre. I even got you a link, assuming you click WikiPedia links ;) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vomitorium
Spoilsport. You know I'd have tested it first.
I'm sure it is safe. There are sites I use and sites I avoid. The latter include Google, YouTube, FaceBook, eBay and Twitter. There's others, but they are the ones that spring to mind. Good luck to those who enjoy them. It's just how I am.
That's bullshit bud. ;)

If they managed to polarise the trace amounts of iron in liquid blood (highly unlikely) it should have been repelled by one side of the magnet and attracted to the other (the flat faces of those magnets are the poles).
They were blowing on the cup. :|

-edit- A quick check says that haemoglobin is diamagnetic(?), so the magnetic fields don't align and the far stronger magnetic field in an MRI scanner only works by detecting the different magnetic properties of oxygenated blood....not by shuffling the blood around inside your body. ;)

If it were true, I could steal black puddings from the butchers with a big magnet. :D
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