Problems in games with 100% CPU usage and only 10-20% GPU usage


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funnily enough after installing the new update to windows and a patch for the Division 2 last night i started getting BSOD's!!!! which was very annoying i had CPUID on as well and noticed my chip was running at 4.4Ghz as i had used the auto overclock option a while ago in the bios to see if that would help at all.
After the third bsod i decided to put the bios back to normal settings and i had 3 straight hours of gaming with Chem in co op at 60FPS on ultra with no crashes and no texture load ups!!!! (also cpu was running at only 80% and not 100%!)

Am no ton tonight as i am out but will see again on Thursday if the patch and windows update has solved the problem so hopefully no need for the upgrade just yet Fingers crossed!!!