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on: November 07, 2018, 03:51:59 PM
The Coming War on China (2016) by John Pilger was really damn interesting.

I'd heard about the bases being built up in the South China Sea, but I didn't know about the extent of US bases encroaching on the Chinese mainland.
(They piss a lot of people off in this way....Bin Laden objected to US bases in Saudi and that's what kicked him off and found refuge in Pakistan among sympathisers...the brief war in Georgia...possibly Ukraine and the big one regarding Cuba (US missiles aimed at Russia in Turkey were quietly removed if Russia did the same with missiles in Cuba.)

Pilger's a good egg.  :cool:

p.s. The video quality on Amazon Prime leaves much to be desired these days, it was pixelating constantly over a wired connection on a 160Mbps connection, so the issue has to be at their end (not the first time I've noticed it recently)
Is this on the back of them killing Net Neutrality and bandwidth limits being imposed?

Probably a subject for a new topic, but I'm on the verge of cancelling.

You can watch it on YouTube

The fact that's carrying the RT logo is a minor concern (they didn't produce it). 
Personally I haven't thought (for a few decades) that any major nation would be daft enough to willingly start lobbing nukes around, and to be honest I still don't.
It's like using poison gas on a battlefield or biological warfare in general.....it's just as likely to fuck your up as the enemy.
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Reply #1 on: November 07, 2018, 04:21:10 PM
Pfft Amazon Prime load of shite! joined it this month for a free trial and have ordered 4 things so far one item didn't turn up so they are giving me a refund as they have no more, the second item was ok next day but 8pm!!!! and it was to my works address so obviously no-one in. the third item they said they had loads in stock so ordered it and it was due today but got an e-mail saying they had no stock and would let me know when they would get another in, the fourth item is currently out for delivery and not due till 9pm tonight!!!!!!! Again my work address yet there have been loads of amazon deliveries today!


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Reply #2 on: November 07, 2018, 04:57:58 PM
Title changed to include 'Video'  :cheesy:

I've had no problems with deliveries.
I have a shop across the street who'll take them, a Gloss Locker half a mile away that's available and my regular delivery address.....my mum's house, since she's almost always in. :)

I only keep the Prime on for the Video tbh, since there's not much difference between the free standard delivery and the Prime delivery.

In saying that, the Prime Video content has been mostly a miss and worth cancelling until there are a few shows wort watching.
They've also been hiving stuff of onto their STARZ Play channel (extra £5 per month) and I had a look at what it offers....which isn't very much at all.
The only thing worth seeing among the piles of shit (they carry, and feature, an old Adam Sandler movie that only rates 1.9 on imdb, for instance) was Counterpart (J. K. Simmons sort of Sci-Fi/Cold War Germany type thing) which should be excellent, but is so draggy that it feels like they watered it down to stretch it over two seasons before it went into production.

STARZ is on a 7 day free trial and set the reminder to cancel it within an hour.