High ping issues


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on: October 04, 2018, 04:39:00 PM
As you might remember I'm having a lot of bother with Talktalk just now. Some weeks ago, after years of pretty good service, d/l and ping, I started to get very high ping, 400+, in the evenings, 6pm to half eleven. I posted on their community site and one of their tech contributors has been dealing with it. After a week of hearing nothing, today I got this from their tech dept:
We're sorry to hear that you may be experiencing performance issues at peak times. Our Network teams are working closely with BT Openreach to increase capacity at your exchange. While we’re unable to confirm timescales at the moment, we aim to ensure any work is completed as soon as possible.
My questions are, why now and why so suddenly? The ping didn't gradually increase, it happened from one day to the next.
Thinking about moving to BT, though I'm still well inside my contract with TT.